Hangar Metal Buildings

Hangar Metal Buildings

When it comes to experience—and success—in designing and building aircraft maintenance hangars, FBOs and other aviation facilities, Gonzales Construction is unsurpassed.  We have the economical, high quality way to meet your needs for large clear span areas, high eave heights, mezzanine office and lounge areas—whatever you need in an Aviation Metal Building.


Gonzales Construction will custom design your facility, incorporating the latest engineering knowledge in the industry today, to meet your unique requirements. Your facility will be designed and certified by  registered professional engineers, and fabricated to your specific needs.


For unusually large projects, we can design and engineer special systems that combine the strengths of conventional steel with the economies of building systems, providing clear-span space of 500 feet or better.


Gonzales Construction offers clear spans up to 220’ for your aircraft hangar. Whether your needs include a large or light aircraft hangar, standard or asymmetrical design with panel or hardwall exterior, a Metal Building by Gonzales Construction can accommodate your requirements.


Door systems including bi-fold, rolling or stacking, as well as mezzanines, maintenance, and office space can easily be incorporated into your building design. Gonzales Construction will provide you with a well designed, economical solution for your needs.