Self Storage Metal Buildings

Self Storage Metal Buildings

Self storage can be a great revenue-generating investment. The key to succeeding in this industry is providing a top-notch facility with options that attract a wide range of customers. Gonzales Construction and our Metal Building Supplier American Buildings Company offer the next generation of self storage with multi-story systems that can help you generate maximum revenue in minimum land area.


Every self storage project is different, which is why Gonzales Construction doesn't limit your project to cookie cutter solutions. Thanks to our expertise, we are able to custom design, engineer and oversee the manufacturing of your Self Storage Metal Building Project while simultaneously ensuring speedy delivery and erection, all without increasing costs.


As the self storage industry has matured, the demand for multi-story projects has increased. Factors contributing to this growth include decreasing availability of land, rising land costs, the rise in demand for climate-controlled space and planning and zoning requirements.


Multi-story facilities provide more square footage in smaller spaces. These complex units can be built on the side of a hill or on land where a standard facility would not be possible, or the cost of changing the topography would be prohibitive. Building multi-story facilities is a specialty. Not all Metal Building Contractors are qualified to design and manufacture these more complex structures. We’ll guide you through every step of the process, including custom design, engineering and controlled manufacturing. All of these processes are certified for integrated quality, which reduces construction time and maintenance.


With the challenges and length of the new construction process, many operators are choosing to convert empty existing big box buildings to self storage. We are equipped to design and construct mezzanine systems for the interior build-out of a converted building that can jump start your facility opening date and begin creating faster cash flows.